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      Becoming a stockist

      Our meals are stocked in many shops locally as well as further afield with meals either being delivered by us or by overnight couriers to any UK address. When you stock our meals, you do not just become a retailer but a key part of our family. We provide you and your staff a Mandira’s Kitchen tasting session so that you are able to advise and recommend our dishes to your customers and lots of point of sale material like flyers, posters and boards. We hold regular Meet the Producer Events where customers can come say hello and taste our samples.

      Being a small local business ourselves, we share both your passion as well as understand your constraints so try our best to be flexible. In return, we expect the same courtesy extended to us in terms of prompt payment of bills and any feedback – good or bad – which you or customers may have.

      If you like our ethos and would like to explore becoming a stockist then please email us on with your details and we would be delighted to have a chat.