Meet the team

We create delicious meals using fresh produce, family recipes and lots of love. Absolutely no preservatives or unpronouncable bits. Frozen to keep the flavour and goodness intact.


Founder of and General Dogsbody at Mandira’s Kitchen, Mandira’s pet peeve is Chicken Tikka Masala. When she is not running around like a maniac, she wears many hats in her non-existent spare time… Foodie, blogger, Mum to “she of the rolling eyes” and (im)patient wife to her very car mad, cross continent working and long suffering husband.


Zoe’s other life is helping civil servants deal with Brexit. Her therapy involves her classic car, trying not to get old disgracefully, and writing stories that mostly involve murder…


After many years of working in Fundraising and Communications, Jan is now relishing working with food. When she’s not in Mandira’s Kitchen or feeding family and friends, she is often found walking her black Labrador in the Surrey Hills.


When Sarah isn’t serving you coffee with a smile at Mandira’s Kitchen she is busy with website sales at The Fluff-a-torium. She loves the great outdoors and is often found on a campsite with her VW camper surrounded by family and friends (and Franklin the dog!).


Eileen is always ready to cheer everyone up with a smile, no matter what the weather brings, and if you are walking your dog then she will be the first to ask if she can say hello and rumour has it she keeps treats in her pockets to keep the pooch happy too!


When Becky is not in Mandira’s Kitchen, she’s subtitling TV programmes for the hard of hearing (for work) or singing in a choir (for fun!). Super-organised, she keeps us all on the straight and narrow and nothing escapes her eagle editor’s eye.


Sabina controls Mandira’s Kitchen with an iron hand and no one dares cross her when she has made up her mind on how something needs to be done in the kitchen. A lady of a few words, she brings with her both a hugely generous heart as well as an amazing repertoire of recipes from her native Goa – if you get on the right side of Sabina, you will never leave Mandira’s Kitchen on an empty stomach!

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