Created in our kitchen, enjoyed in yours

We create delicious meals using fresh produce, family recipes and lots of love. Absolutely no preservatives or unpronounceable bits. Frozen to keep the flavour and goodness intact.


Meet Mandira

Founder of and General Dogsbody at Mandira’s Kitchen, Mandira’s pet peeve is Chicken Tikka Masala. When she is not running around like a maniac, she wears many hats in her non-existent spare time…

The Work Began

The old cow shed at Silent Pool – now renovated, this has become the new home of Mandira’s Kitchen.


Now rebranded as Mandira’s Kitchen, our stunning new logo was inspired by Mandira’s love of saris. The pot and spices signify how every dish is made – traditionally in a kitchen, by hand using fresh ingredients and family recipes, purified by fire.

Our New Home

Rebuilt, refreshed and ready to cook!

Mandira moved to the UK in 1998. She then spent the next 17 years working as a Management Consultant but complaining bitterly about not getting “proper” Indian food until an exasperated friend asked her to put her “money where her mouth was”. In 2014, her then current role disappeared and after an “Oh, now what do I do” moment, she decided to follow her heart and do something which her parents would heartily disapprove of. After all, who in their sane mind gives up a well paying settled job in their 40s and cook for a living!!!

And so… Mandira’s Kitchen was born, first offering cookery lessons and themed pop up Supper Clubs which then moved on to catering for events large and small. In Nov 2016, lots of people then wanted to enjoy the food on a regular basis and the Mandira’s Kitchen range of Freezer Ready Meals was launched – sold mainly through Farm shops and now online. Everything that is cooked in the Mandira’s Kitchen, has fresh produce, family recipes and lots of love as the main ingredients. There are no preservatives or unpronounceable bits and every dish comes with a personal story.

In the short space of time that Mandira’s Kitchen has been around, it has been established as a much loved local business, firmly entrenched in the hearts, taste buds and indeed wonderful farm shops of the local community. Runners Up in the 2015 and 2016, Surrey Life Food and Drink Awards, this little business continues to grow and follow its dream of serving authentic, home-style food to its lovely customers. After six months of creating its first freezer meal, much to its delight, Mandira’s Kitchen has picked up its first little star the Great Taste Awards 2017.

Over the last 2 years, hundreds of people like you and me and the occasional odd celebrity or two have dined with Mandira’s Kitchen, be it at 200 people gala sit down dinners, innumerable weddings, two-person intimate anniversary celebrations, themed supper clubs and so on…

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